Send Blrt Request

Request audio visual feedback on websites, images or documents

Use Blrt Request when you have files on your laptop or desktop that you want feedback on from others.
It will send anyone - even yourself - an email with a 'Create Blrt' button.
Pressing the button on iOS or Android will start the Blrt app with preloaded media and conversation participants.
The Blrt creator will simply press 'record', and start talking, pointing and drawing to make the first Blrt in the conversation.

Send Blrt Request

Request feedback from anyone

I use Blrt all the time on my tablet, and now I can send feedback requests straight from my Mac. My clients just talk over the designs and point to any changes they'd like. Amazing!

Suzanne D., Graphic Designer

With Blrt Request, I can send the latest site plans to the Project Architect for instant audio visual feedback. Our communication has never been this clear.

Arthur M., Architectural Draftsman